• Hairiron is an iron supplement, designed to help with thinning hair associated with low iron levels.

    Hairiron contains Iron Bisglycinate  which is a form of iron more commonly known as “gentle iron” as it is non constipating and gentle to digest. The link between low iron and hair loss* Low iron has become recognised as an important factor in hair shedding, increasing iron stores (ferritin levels) helps lengthens the hairs growing phase. In time, the hair increases in volume as the excessive shedding slows. Iron contributes to the healthy formation of red blood cells and supports the transport of oxygen throughout the body. Iron also helps release energy and contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. What is iron good for? Ensuring you have adequate iron stores will not only help your hair but will aid:
    • Normal cognitive function
    • Normal energy-yielding metabolism
    • Normal formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin
    • Normal oxygen transport in the body
    • Normal function of the immune system
    • Reduction of tiredness and fatigue
    • Suitable For Vegetarians
    • Not Tested On Animals
  • Hairjelly has been designed specifically to help fine, thinning and weak hair grow healthier and stronger.

    Hairjelly is a nutritional hair loss supplement that contains natural ingredients, formulated by Hairmedic’s Iain Sallis, who has over twenty-years’ experience in trichology. Why Hairjelly? Hairjelly Protein Capsules are perfect for those suffering from hair loss, thinning or hair weakness. Whether you are experiencing hair problems due to dietary problems, hereditary causes, age or breakage, they have been developed with a combination of essential amino acids and naturally occurring ingredients. Hairjelly Protein Capsules are hormone and drug free, ensuring the multivitamins can be taken with confidence. How Does Hairjelly Work? During the ‘Anagen’ phrase of the hair cycle, which refers to the on-going growing stage, the protein nutrients in Hairjelly Protein Capsules are absorbed by the body. These proteins are then absorbed into your hair follicles via the digestion process. Key Features:
    • Contains Essential Amino Acids
    • Contains Vitamin D, Zinc And Selenium
    • Suitable For Vegetarians
    • Not Tested On Animals
    • Made With Holistic And Natural Ingredients
    The ideal supplement for; fine hair, hair loss, limp hair, thinning hair and weak hair. Hairjelly is not a substitute for a healthy diet.

    For best results take for a minimum of 3 months.

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