Medico Legal Expert Witness

Hair Damage Expert Witness
Iain Sallis also acts as an expert witness under the company name of IST Consultancy Limited for and on behalf of the legal profession in the specialist area of Hair loss and scalp problems;

This includes cases to do with:

  • Hairdressing accidents

  • Road traffic accidents resulting in hair loss/ scalp damage
  • Faulty hairdressing equipment resulting in hair loss/ scalp damage
  • Assaults resulting in hair loss/ scalp damage

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Iain Sallis is a fully qualified member of the Institute of Trichology and an associate member of the Academy of Expert Witnesses.

Iain Sallis can act as a ‘Part 35’ expert witness or as an expert advisor to solicitors an Insurance companies.

A full C.V, references and terms are available on request from

For further information on how hairdressing services can injury the hair and scalp visit:

Hair Damage Expert Witness

Medico-legal advice for solicitors:

IST Consultancy aim to deliver detailed, precise reporting to support the needs of a fast-paced legal process.

We offer a free 15 minute phone consultation with instructing parties to discuss your case before committing to instructions.

Please email to if you wish to arrange a preliminary call to discuss your case.

I want to start the legal process? 

We would always advise to try to come to an agreement with the hairdresser/company in question wherever possible, however if communication has broken down legal advice is probably worth seeking.

Ideally, you need a solicitor firm who are experts in hair damage claims, if you have not found one, please contact us at and we will be able to assist.

You will need to get in touch with your legal representative (your lawyers or solicitors) who will then contact us and request the report to ensure all relevant details about the case are provided to the medical expert. If unsure ask them to call for our free 15 minute phone consultation about your case.

Once we have received the instructions for your report, we can usually consult within 3 weeks and write the report within three weeks, depending on individual circumstances.

Iain Sallis is a member of the following professional bodies