Trichology is the science of hair and scalp problems – A Trichologist is a person who studies this subject. A Trichologist is an expert in all types of hair loss, hair disorders and scalp problems. Trichologists are not medically qualified (and so cannot prescribe any form of medications).

Trichology is not a medical discipline, but neither is it an ‘alternative therapy’ such as, acupuncture, reiki, and homeopathy.

We are clinical specialists in hair loss and scalp problems, we use proven clinical diagnostic techniques to diagnose and treat the problem of our patients.

You do not have to be qualified to call yourself ‘a Trichologist’ so this area of expertise does not have a governmental standard and so open to abuse.

I suggest to everybody looking for a Trichologist to ensure they find a person who initially studied for several years and are now a member of a registered body where they sign up to and adhere to their code of practice. Iain Sallis is registered to both the Institute of Trichologists and the International Association of Trichologists.

Furthermore, we would also suggest on asking for certification on mandatory basic training (safety aspects of clinical practice) and CPD (continual professional development), such yearly (or bi-yearly) training is normal for most other clinical specialties and will prove a good litmus-test as to the quality of the clinic you are thinking of visiting for advice.

We actively encourage our patients to seek advice from their GP as they can pick up many of the most serious problems that can affect the hair, saving you both time and money. However, many doctors do not understand many of the clinical factors regarding hair loss as in such cases as chronic hair ‘thinning’ it is seen as a low priority problem and not an issue to be dealt with as it’s ‘just one of those things’…this is wrong and can be devastating to the person who is suffering.

GP’s should not be dismissive of your hair or scalp problem; however trivial they think it is.

Hair loss/hair thinning is a very real issue and you should not be made to feel “is it me?…am I just imagining it?”

The average GP will have little knowledge of chronic hair conditions. A registered Trichologist is well placed to take the time to perform a full consultation and make a preliminary diagnosis as to what the problem is.

In some cases where a clinical issue has been overlooked, we try to form a relationship with your medical practitioner (advise them on the reason for the problem) and perform the tests required to get the best treatment for you.

However, NHS budgets are stretched and so some GP’s may refuse to be involved in what are classed as ‘sub-clinical issues’ in which case we will find you the best private treatment to help you with your problem.

Primarily we are a here to investigate and deduce the reason for your problem, so any form of hair/ scalp issue that you feel has not been addressed by your GP or your own actions.

We cover a broad range of problems from chronic diffuse hair thinning to genetic hair loss, scalps that itchy/flaky to scalps that are painful and basically sensitive.

We also can give you the best independent advice if you are thinking of hair restoration surgery.

Here is a list of some of the basic problems we encounter and help with regularly:

  • Androgenetic Alopecia
  • Auto-immune Alopecia
  • Scarring Alopecia
  • Telogen Effluvium (excessive shedding/thinning of the hair)
  • Infectious hair diseases
  • Hair restoration
  • Scaly Scalp
  • Itchy Scalp
  • Painful scalp

Non-medical treatments of most hair problems are largely ineffective, time consuming and costly, it is important to find out what the problem is and how best to manage it, through proper diagnostic procedures (eg: blood tests). A registered Trichologist should liaise with your medical practitioner and recommend treatments/tests to diagnose and treat the hair/scalp problem.

Iain Sallis is one of the few Trichologist in the U.K to work within the private Hospital sector and can be consulted on a private basis or through WPA insurance, unfortunately Trichology services are not available on the NHS.