Iain Sallis

Hairmedic The Iain Sallis Trichology Clinic

Iain Sallis qualified from the Institute of Trichologists in 2002 and opened his first clinic in the same year. Since then he has expanded to 8 hair loss clinics which can be found throughout the UK. A regular in national and international media, Iain is one of the most well-known Trichologists in the UK.

What do we do?

Iain specialises in the correction or treatment of hair loss issues through scientific investigation methods and medicines. We specialise in investigation and diagnosis of hair and scalp issues, we then try to liaise with other medical professionals if required to provide you with the medication or treatment which will correct or rectify your problem.

Iain and the Trichology profession

Iain has been at the heart of some of the most fundamental changes in modern trichology.

He has been fundamental in the recent push for the professionalisation of trichology including creation of a higher education pathway and being one of the steering group who wrote the first National Occupational Standards (NOS) in the UK for Trichology practices. Please click here to visit the trichology NOS for Trichological consultation service.

Iain is a director and active member of:

The way Iain consults, helps and advises with patients is purely a science-based, Iain does not provide or endorse any herbal or alternative medicine in the pursuit of such problems.

Iain is registered with or a member of:

  • The Institute of Trichologists
  • The International Association of Trichologists
  • The European Hair Research Society
  • The British association of Hair restoration surgeons (associate)
  • The Academy of Expert Witnesses (associate)
  • Society of Cosmetic Scientists (associate)
  • The Royal Society of Medicine