Trichologist in London

Book a hair loss consultation in London with trichologist Iain Sallis for a definitive diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

Let’s figure out your hair loss

Hair loss and thinning are common problems, affecting around two-thirds of men and one in five women. The good news is many hair loss conditions are treatable.

Hormonal changes, genetics, medications, stress, diet and illnesses can cause hair loss, and the key to treatment is to diagnose your condition.

The London hair loss clinic is here to help. Our expert trichologist, Iain Sallis, will examine your hair/scalp and diagnose your condition during a consultation.

All consultations are private, and we promise to bring clarity to your condition so you can take the next steps in your hair loss recovery.

Hair loss treatment in London

Getting treatment for hair loss is a daunting experience. No one likes being put under the microscope, and we understand your apprehensions.

As a trichologist, Iain takes a scientific approach to hair loss, providing investigative and treatment services not available through the NHS.

Many people affected by hair loss do not realise that some conditions are treatable without invasive medicines and surgery. We will provide invaluable advice following a consultation so you can make the right decisions in the future.

You will receive a preliminary diagnosis and a short and long-term prognosis during your consultation. We aim to help you understand exactly what kind of hair loss you have and the treatments available, many of which we provide.

Why choose Hairmedic?

We help hundreds of people deal with hair loss and scalp issues each year. Some of the conditions we see regularly include alopecia, shedding, scalp infections, genetic thinning and diffuse hair loss.

During your consultation at our London clinic, you will learn everything you need to know about your condition. Iain can arrange tests to confirm or complete the diagnosis.

Iain Sallis is a leader in the field of trichology, specialising in investigating hair loss problems and treatments. You are in safe hands with us.

Despite the critical role we play in treatment, access to trichologists is not available through the NHS. Book a consultation today to get started.