Trichologist in Hull

Are you struggling with hair loss? Get answers to your hair loss questions with Iain Sallis, our expert trichologist in Hull.

Helping you with hair loss

Hair loss is an upsetting experience, and getting a diagnosis isn’t always easy with long referral times under the NHS. Hairmedic brings clarity to your hair loss with a definitive diagnosis and treatments that deliver results.

The Hull hair loss clinic provides hair loss consultations within a few weeks, and you can self-refer without a doctor’s note.

We will provide a preliminary diagnosis on the spot, and if necessary organise relevant blood tests to diagnose your hair loss.

You will understand the steps you can take to improve your hair loss, including the most viable treatments available.

We aim to help you know where you stand with your hair loss so you can make an informed decision about the next steps. Join us in Hull to get started.

Hair loss treatment in Hull

When you have hair loss, you can feel highly conscious about how you look. The best way to deal with such feelings is to go into detective mode, to understand the cause of your hair loss and have a plan to remedy it.

We can’t promise to cure your hair loss, but we can give you clarity over your diagnosis and recommend treatments that work for others.

During your hair loss consultation in Hull, you will receive a preliminary diagnosis on the same day with Iain Sallis, our expert trichologist. Iain will answer all your questions and discuss your short and long-term outlook.

The treatments we offer are proven through clinical and scientific studies. Hair loss is treatable/reversible in many cases with the correct intervention, and we will work with you to create a treatment plan that works.

Why choose Hairmedic?

Choose Hairmedic for a definitive hair loss diagnosis and advice from a trichologist.

A consultation at our Hull clinic will see you consulted by Iain Sallis, a leader in the field of trichology specialising in the investigation of hair loss and scalp issues.

Consultations include examining the scalp, scalp samples, a preliminary diagnosis, and blood tests arranged when necessary for further investigation. Treatment recommendations come with no obligation.

We promise to help you understand your hair loss and treat it effectively. As our patient, you will receive the highest standards of care.