I dabble in coffee table research, I like searching for links and anyone who sees my Audiobook library, will note a huge swathe of Human psychology books, so I was intrigued when looking at google searches for hair loss (thank you Everybody Lies author Seth Stephens-Davidowitz) I saw this anomaly!

A HUGE spike in the search term ‘Hair loss’ on the 28th March 2022.

The search term increased several hundred percent in one day!

This was interesting

Could it be there was a massive interest in recent COVID-19 hair loss – no.

Had the world finally woken up to the fact that hair loss is devastating and deserves a deeper conversation socially?- no.

So, I wondered if I could isolate the type of hair loss people are searching, I looked and the term hair loss with Alopecia, quite a strong correlation.

And then with other hair loss issues …no correlation.

So we are looking at the worlds eyes focusing on hair loss and specifically alopecia for one day?

So what happened around this time? Then I remembered what happened on the 27th March 2022.















So, could all this attention for hair loss and alopecia be due to that infamous slap?


The correlation is there.

How Will Smith reacted to Chris Rock’s ‘joke’ about his wife’s hair was excessive, upsetting and beneath what we expected from him. It was shocking.

But, for an instant people were searching for hair loss and alopecia in HUGE numbers! Maybe someone found someone to talk to about their condition or was able to recognise a problem that was eating them up inside!

Hair loss is complex, emotive, and highly upsetting issue, but if you are looking for a silver lining to Will Smiths actions, this maybe it.