INTRODUCTORY PRICE Haircalma is a unique Scalp Therapy System that rebalances major scalp problems. Haircalma shampoo has been clinically formulated to combat the most common scalp problems, dermatologically tested, anti-dandruff, hypoallergenic, and is 90% effective in helping every common scalp issue* :-
  • Dry scalps
  • Oily Scalps
  • Itching/flaking
  • Inflamed scalps
A unique low foam` shampoo that allows the maximum potential for relief and the lowest chance of irritation regulates oil production and leaves your hair feeling soft and manageable whilst delivering the re-balancing action your scalps needs. It also has active ingredients to combat over production of sebum and inflammation. Haircalma shampoo is hypoallergenic and clinically proven to be calming for problematic and sensitive scalps**. Haircalma shampoo is in a 400ml bottle, 60% larger than the average shampoo bottle. * Clinical Trials stated that Haircalma scalp therapy system helped their scalp issue in 90% of cases ** Individuals with dandruff, very severe flaking, dry, oily or sensitive skin report the Haircalma scalp therapy system as a very acceptable therapy to use regardless of their reason for seeking help. `Foam does nothing for the scalp, usually a result of strong detergent & foaming agents to make the shampoo feel ‘foamy’.