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Firstly thank you for purchasing Haircalma shampoo, we appreciate you have picked this product because you are either concerned about your scalp health or you have a scalp problem, so we want to ensure you have all the information you need to make this work!

So you have a scalp problem, or maybe your scalp is a little sensitive and you want to take a little more care of it, so lets take you through our how to guide so you can get the best out of Haircalma shampoo scalp therapy system.

How you use it is nearly as important as what you use, so this information is a big part of your battle, and will afford you the best chance of working if you follow these steps outlined below.

All shampoo’s are the same…aren’t they?

No. This product is different, as we formulated this for your scalp, not your hair, your hair doesn’t need to be washed…ever, it’s a dead fibre and so washing makes it feel nice, but that’s it.

The scalp is a different matter, it’s a unique area of skin on the body and it is a living tissue, with micro-organisms living on it and hair growing out of it, it’s a very active area of skin!

In some cases, this needs special care and usually is overlooked by most manufacturers of shampoos.

Haircalma is a new, innovative product for scalp care for problem scalps, our unique formula combats:

  • Dry Scalps
  • Oily scalps
  • Itching/Flaking
  • Sensitive skin

Haircalma is re-balancing therapy for the scalp and is:

  • Dermatologically tested
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Low foam
  • Colourant/fragrance/SLS/Paraben free

Taking 5 years to perfect and clinically tested, the wide-ranging therapeutic effects of Haircalma shampoo are second to none.

Haircalma steps to success


Using Haircalma for the right number of times is essential to help your scalp condition.

We would suggest using Haircalma scalp therapy system daily for at least two weeks before reducing it down to every other day.

For mild, complaints you could simply use this when your scalp feels itchy or irritated, when you use a different mild shampoo during the other times when your scalp is not irritated.

Use enough of the product

Count your pumps! By using the pump action, you can measure the dose which is right for you (approx. 7 for short hair and 14-16 for long hair, but play around with it!) We have made this a 400ml shampoo for a reason (that’s 60% more than your usual therapeutic shampoo).

Rinse and repeat

Sometimes there’s a potential barrier for the product to work; product build-up or sebum that has built up over the day, whatever it is, the second wash will get to work on the scalp much better than the first wash.

You can use Haircalma for this first wash, but you may wish to use a mild shampoo to rid the days, grime before rinsing and applying the Haircalma shampoo for the second application.

Time on the scalp

You need to allow the product time to work, so once you have washed rinsed and repeated the second application of the product you should leave for 3-5 minutes to allow it to work.

What else do you need to know about this unique product


Its low foam

We purposely made it this way because we didn’t want a strong detergent affecting the scalp, but this may feel different to your usual shampoo.

High foam shampoos give the user the luxurious, slippery feeling because foam helps the product move around the hair and we associate lots of bubbles with higher quality cleansers… but shampoos don’t need to foam at all, people just like the feeling, this is why most shampoos produce lots of foam.

So, the first time you use the Haircalma shampoo, it may feel a little different, it may not move around the hair like your normal shampoo, but not to worry, it will still gently cleanse the hair and your scalp with thank you for it!

For those who need to use this product but find it cosmetically challenging apply in a sweeping action from the front of the scalp downwards to the end of the hair, apply evenly but pay particular attention to the scalp area, for short hair, massage direct into the scalp. Work into a thick lather at the scalp, then work through the hair.

What about the smell?

Haircalma shampoo is  colour and scent free as these are the main sensitising agents found in products.

What does “Dermatologically Tested” mean? 

“Dermatologically Tested” means it has been independently reviewed to the specific characteristic under clinical conditions verified by a dermatologist.