Children’s Hair Loss

Children’s hair becomes thicker and changes colour during puberty

The Hairmedic children’s hair loss clinics’ are only located in Leeds, Hull, London, Manchester and Birmingham.

Hair loss in children is a more prevalent occurrence than most people imagine. We recognise that children’s hair loss can be an extremely devastating issue, however, knowing that most children’s hair loss can be successfully treated with the proper diagnosis. The vast majority of children suffering with hair loss do so because of the following conditions.

  • Diffuse/excessive hair shedding
  • Alopecia Areata
  • Trichotillomania

All of which can be easily identified after which we can liaise with your GP for the correct treatment if required.

Childrens Hair Loss 1

How can we help?

A proper diagnosis is key to the understanding and correcting the hair loss your child is suffering from, For minors, we would always advise speaking to your doctor first. However in the times when the GP cannot give you the advice you need, we will be able to diagnose, advise and point the way to further treatments if necessary.