Trichologist in Leeds

Beat NHS waiting lists for a hair loss diagnosis by arranging a private consultation at our Leeds clinic with trichologist Iain Sallis.

Hair loss? Let’s figure it out

Hair loss affects one in five women and two-thirds of men. Thankfully, we can treat most permanent and temporary conditions with good results, including scalp disorders and diffuse hair loss and genetic thinning.

Getting a diagnosis is the first step to determining an optimal treatment strategy. You can self-refer to the Leeds hair loss clinic for a trichology consultation.

Iain Sallis, trichologist, will consult you on your hair loss. Iain will inspect your hair and scalp and arrange blood tests when necessary for further investigation to give you a complete diagnosis.

We know that many hair loss and scalp conditions are treatable and so we can recommend relevant treatment pathways that work for people with similar conditions to yours.

Hair loss treatment in Leeds

Talking about hair loss isn’t always easy. We know how difficult it is for you, especially when you have tried remedies that don’t work. You can feel like you are banging your head against the wall repeatedly.

The Leeds hair loss clinic will give you plain advice and complete clarity on your hair loss, with a preliminary diagnosis provided during consultation.

Whether it turns out your condition is treatable or not, certainty over your condition will give you the mental strength to deal with it.

If your hair loss/scalp issues are treatable, we can recommend treatments, that promote hair growth. All the treatments we provide are backed by science with a long list of happy patients.

Why choose Hairmedic?

Hairmedic helps you understand hair loss, and Iain’s depth of knowledge and proficiency in treating hair loss means you are in safe hands.

Iain can help with  complex hair and scalp conditions, quickly.

We use scientific methods of investigation to treat hair loss in men, hair loss in women. Trichology is not available on the NHS, so our service is invaluable for those living with hair loss and scalp conditions.

You can self-refer to Hairmedic, and we will review your case before the consultation so that everything is in order before you visit us.

If you are nervous about visiting us, rest assured your consultation will be efficient. Iain Sallis and our clinical care team will put you at ease.