Hair Loss Treatment in Sheffield

You don’t have to struggle with hair loss alone – get a professional diagnosis in Sheffield with trichologist Iain Sallis.

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Figuring out your hair loss

With hair loss affecting around two-thirds of men and one in five women, it should be no surprise that there isn’t a magic cure. However, we can slow down and in many cases reverse hair loss, and promote new hair growth with proper treatments.

The first step is to get an accurate diagnosis, so we know what we are dealing with. You might have genetic thinning, diffuse hair loss, alopecia, or something else.

The Sheffield hair loss clinic helps treat hundreds of people each year, and our lead trichologist, Iain Sallis, could transform your outlook.

Iain is a leader in the trichology field and will give you the answers you need. You will understand your condition and what you can do about it. We promise to bring clarity to your hair loss so you can take the next steps confidently.

Hair loss treatment in Sheffield

If you have just started noticing thinning and shedding, it could be related to stress, health, medicines or hormonal changes.

There are so many variables, which is why getting a professional diagnosis at our Sheffield clinic is so important. With a diagnosis, you can choose treatments that are proven to work rather than waste time on non-starters.

You will receive a preliminary diagnosis during your consultation, and where necessary, we can organise relevant blood tests for further investigation.

Hair loss can significantly impact your mental health and quality of life, so why not get answers to your questions with us?

Why choose Hairmedic?

Choose us for the best professional advice – we are trichologists by trade, specialising in the investigation and treatment of hair loss.

We have a track record of helping people recover from hair loss. We help both men and women working on the most complex cases.

Our Sheffield hair loss clinic provides incredible patient care, and you will be looked after by Iain Sallis, our most qualified trichologist. You can self-refer to Hairmedic without a doctor’s note, and all consultations are private.

Hairmedic promises to help you understand your hair loss and tackle it head-on. Take the next steps by booking a consultation.