Hair Loss in Newcastle Upon Tyne

If you have hair loss, book a consultation with trichologist Iain Sallis at our Newcastle clinic for a definitive hair loss diagnosis.

Get to the bottom of your hair loss

Hair loss is distressing to the point where it can impact your life. Hairmedic is here to help you through it by diagnosing your condition and recommending proven treatments.

While most hair loss is hereditary or age-related, illness, stress, nutritional deficiencies and hormonal changes are also common causes.

Getting to the bottom of your hair loss is critical to treating it – you need to know what condition you have and the reasons behind it. A trichology consultation at our Newcastle clinic will provide you with this and much more.

Iain Sallis, our expert trichologist, will examine your hair and scalp and provide a preliminary diagnosis the same day. We will organise blood tests to investigate your hair loss in detail.

Hair loss treatment in Newcastle

You can spend countless hours researching hair loss and break the bank pursuing pie-in-the-sky treatments. The reality is that there are only a few proven treatments for hair loss, and some conditions can only be slowed or improved.

Thanks to successful treatment programmes, we know that many hair loss and scalp conditions are treatable with topical treatments and supplementation – but you need an accurate diagnosis before going any further.

The Newcastle hair loss clinic provides scientific methods of investigation. Iain will recommend treatments based on clinical data and liaise with other medical professionals when necessary to arrange specialised treatment.

Hairmedic helps both men and women with hair loss and scalp problems.

Why choose Hairmedic?

Iain is a specialist in the science of hair and scalp problems. He takes a scientific approach to hair loss, investigating and deducing the reason for your problem and recommending treatments based on clinical evidence.

Trichologists are unavailable through the NHS, yet we provide the invaluable role of diagnosing hair loss, hair disorders and scalp problems. If you want a hair loss diagnosis, we will provide it at our Newcastle hair loss clinic.

Iain can diagnose any hair/scalp problems. We regularly encounter alopecia, shedding, scalp infections, genetic thinning and diffuse hair loss. Rest assured, we have seen it all, and there is nothing to be worried about, you can also self-refer to Hairmedic without a doctor’s note.

Let’s figure out your hair loss together – book a consultation with Iain Sallis at our Newcastle clinic today. It could be the best thing you ever do.