Hair Loss Clinic in Manchester

Get a definitive hair loss diagnosis and the correct medical treatment in Manchester from expert trichologist Iain Sallis.

Helping you make sense of hair loss

Are you struggling with hair loss? You are not alone. Around one in five women and two-thirds of men experience hair loss, making it a silent epidemic.

A variety of conditions can cause permanent or temporary hair loss. It can be hereditary, related to lifestyle and hormonal changes, or caused by a mistaken immune response in the case of alopecia areata.

Simply put, not all hair loss is the same. Your hair loss is unique and needs expert diagnosis so Iain can recommend the correct treatments.

The Manchester hair loss clinic provides this service, offering affordable consultations with Iain Sallis, a qualified trichologist. You will get answers to your questions and walk away clear on the next steps.

Whether you proceed with treatment or not, at least you will know where you stand – and this is worth its weight in gold versus uncertainty.

Hair loss treatment in Manchester

We understand how daunting discussing hair loss can be, especially when you feel like you are under the microscope. We can’t put your mind completely at ease, but we can promise a friendly and professional consultation.

You will receive a preliminary diagnosis on the same day, and where necessary, we will organise relevant blood tests to provide a definitive hair loss diagnosis.

We aim to help you understand exactly what kind of hair loss you have and the treatments available. Hairmedic provides non-surgical hair loss remedies backed by science.

Thanks to a successful patient service spanning 2 decades, we know that hair loss is treatable/reversible in many cases with the correct intervention.

We also know that thinning hair rarely grows back on its own without hair loss treatment, and conditions like diffuse hair loss or genetic thinning can recover slowly and reoccur.

Why choose Hairmedic?

Our Manchester hair loss clinic will give you a definitive hair loss diagnosis and access to unique hair loss treatments unavailable anywhere else.

Hairmedic has a track record for hair loss treatment for women and hair loss treatment for men. If necessary, we will only advise on scientifically backed treatments for your specific hair loss or scalp problem.

You can self-refer to Hairmedic, and we will review your case before the consultation so that everything is in order before you visit us.

Hair loss is an upsetting and disruptive experience. Hairmedic promise to bring clarity to your problem and recommend treatments that deliver results.