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Doctor, (North West of England)

I am a female doctor whose hair thinned significantly at the age of 46, over a short period of time. I first arranged a referral to a dermatologist but was neither thoroughly investigated nor treated effectively. I then self-referred to Iain Sallis who not only identified a number of relevant blood tests which were outstanding (one of which proved to be abnormal) but also diagnosed a dermatological scalp condition (which responded to an appropriate prescription from my GP). He gave medically sound advice regarding the multiple factors which had precipitated my hair loss. Iain then recommended evidence-based treatment & managed my expectations realistically. I would whole-heartedly recommend him.

NHS Consultant, (London)

It is not usual for a senior NHS consultant to feel helpless and at loss for a solution when faced with a medical problem of a relative. This is however what I felt when 3 years ago we realized our 16 year old daughter had early signs of alopecia. Having consulted a dermatologist colleague and an endocrinologist, we heard for the first time terms rather alien even to one with a medical background like; androgenetic alopecia and telogen effluvium. There was no reassuring management plan and the outcome seemed bleak with physical and psychological issues looming for our child.

It was at this stage, in desperation, that we contacted Iain Sallis, (Trichologist). I read about him on his website ‘Hairmedic’ and found his telephone number on line. Iain was extremely helpful and reassuring on the phone and made arrangements to see our daughter very soon after.

The know how and professionalism shown was second to none, and unlike the Consultant Dermatologist of whose practice alopecia is but a small component, there was an in depth knowledge and proficiency on the subject. This was refreshing and uplifting especially for our daughter who felt someone was finally explaining things and coming up with plausible suggestions for treatment.

Today, 3 years later, our daughter is a confident first year undergraduate at university. Although her hair has not returned to its previous lustre, there has been a marked improvement and importantly our child does not worry anymore about hair loss. There is a lot to be thankful for and I have realized that mainstream medicine needs to recognize the important role Iain and his fellow Trichologists offer patients suffering from alopecia.

Female Patient, (Nottingham)

I have found Mr Sallis extremely professional in his manner and approach to treating my hair.  Having been told by GPs that "there was probably nothing that could be done" it was such a relief to have someone take me seriously, acknowledge there was a problem and understand how the hair loss was crippling me psychologically.  The first thing he did was listen and take a full case history.  He then examined my hair thoroughly including magnification. I was then sent off for blood tests. Once, a thorough investigation had been made and he had received the blood results he then made a diagnosis and put me on an appropriate course of treatment that has been scientifically proven to be successful.  I was not coaxed into buying any "super" shampoos or herbal "wonder" remedies.  He is totally honest and straight forward with his advise.  He is personable and I have found it easy and reassuring to be able to discuss such a sensitive problem with him.  You are always guaranteed to see Mr Sallis himself when you make an appointment.  He is readily contactable by telephone or e-mail and always returns calls or e-mails promptly.  He makes every effort to keep costs sensible (you can be referred for blood tests on the NHS) and does not wind up fees by unnecessary tests/appointments.  In all, I am very impressed by the whole service.  The fact that he runs his clinics from various hospitals backs up the whole professional ethos with which he runs his clinics. Hairmedic is a very suitable title for his clinic as really that is just what he is "a hair medic".  This is not a "beauty" clinic but a hair clinic based on sound scientific, no nonsense clinical information.  I would fully recommend anyone suffering hair loss of any type to make an appointment.  The only thing you have to lose by not doing so is more hair!

Female Patient, Sheffield

Iain's given me so much support and help throughout and he really understands the pain hair loss can cause. I would recommend anyone who has concerns to go and see him!