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More About Trichology



An interest in hair loss and hair care originated around 1860 in a London barbershop under a certain Professor Wheeler. Later in 1902, this interest in hair disorders became known as Trichology and the Institute of Trichologists was founded (this is the oldest and arguably the most prestigious Trichology seat of learning in the World).

Educational and governing bodies

The Institute of Trichologists, at over 100 years old is the oldest professional association for trichologists in the world. Registered members of The Institute of Trichologists indicate this with the AIT, MIT or FIT after their names (designating, respectively, an Associate Member, Member or Fellow of the Institute).

The website for the Institute of Trichologists is

Trichologist Recommendations

There is actually no one thing a trichologist should recommend (apart from the obvious: Don’t smoke*, lose weight if you need to, have a balanced diet and exercise regularly) but this is simply common sense and ‘maintenance’ for the body. This advice will not make every hair problem disappear overnight. Ask the reasons for the recommended treatment and blood tests should (almost) always be taken!

*Yes there is a link between smoking and hair loss!

Many cases of hair loss are to do with underlying medical disorders affecting the hair cycle.

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