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Scalp Problems - Acne


Acne can occur on the scalp much like it can on the face and on the rest of the body. However, the scalp can be harder to treat topically because the hair gets in the way. Avoiding oily products is a good preventative measure against scalp acne. Styling products sometimes contain oils that can aggravate acne. Styling products can also contain other irritating ingredients such as alcohol (in gels). If you’re battling with some scalp acne, try forgoing your usual styling products for a week or two and see if that helps clear you up.


You can treat acne on the scalp with many of the medications used to treat acne on the rest of the face and body which can be obtained from your GP. Although benzoyl peroxide, tends to bleach hair so best avoided. Roacutane also helps with scalp acne as with other types, though too much can cause diffuse hair loss. Antibacterial washes for the body and hair are also very beneficial.

Hair loss may not affect us physically, but can be devastating psychologically.

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